We all want to get radiant, glowing and beautiful skin, as well as healthy, and the secret is to incorporate body milks or body creams into our daily hygiene routine to moisturize our skin, both body and facial, and give it a healthy appearance. However, it is not clear for many people what a body milk exactlyis or how it is used.


What is a body milk?

A body milk is a cream with a soft and light touch, and it is usually quickly absorbed. These creams are mainly made with essential oils that take care of our skin and keep it hydrated.


Types of oils that we find in body milk

There are many different types of body milk made with different ingredients that care of our skin, we must choose the one that best helps us depending on our skin type and thus provide us all the hydration we need.

Rosehip, Aloe Vera and Argan Oil are usually the essential oils used in making these creams.

Rosehip has great beneficial properties for the skin, it is a common ingredient in creams or body oil. Rosehip helps our skin to maintain its elasticity, thanks to deep hydration and regeneration.

Argan Oil has antioxidant properties and thanks to the amount of fatty acids it provides, it keeps our skin hydrated and strong.

Aloe Vera is the most used ingredient in skin care products due to its many properties, it is aplant with regenerating effects. You can use it in creams or gels or directly from the plant if you have one at home.


Interesting facts about body milk

If we want to use body milk correctly, we must take into account some steps that will give a better and more effective result

  • Anytime. You can use your body milk whenever you see that your skin is tight, dry or it simply needs hydration. However, we recommend you to always use it after your daily shower.

Why? Hot water opens the pores which will completely absorb the cream:the cream will penetrate more easily into the inner layers of the skin.

  • Is any body milk good for my skin? There are many different types of body milk because there are many different types of skin, it is highly recommended to understand what your skin needs to find the body milk that best suits you.

A cream made with hydrating ingredients such as olive oil, oatmeal or shea butter will be perfect for dry skin that needs extra hydration.

If you have sensitive skin, you should such creams made with aloe vera or rosehip for its regenerativeeffect.

  • Is skin exfoliation good for hydration? Of course! It is recommended to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. This exfoliation removes dead cells from our skin and helps our skin to absorb better the body milk.

Be careful if you have irritated skin: it is not recommended to exfoliate it, wait for your skin to be perfectly healthy before starting to exfoliate it.

Always exfoliate gently and with circular massages, insisting on heels, elbows and knees.

Taking care of our skin will help us to keep it strong and healthy, protecting it against external agents such as heat or cold.

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