Body exfoliation keeps our skin strong and healthy, helping us to eliminate the accumulation of dead skin cells. A few years ago, body exfoliation was done using horse hair gloves or special sponges that you could find in any bathroom, however, currently we have a large number of body scrubs that, in addition to exfoliating, help usmoisturize our skin.

The importance of body exfoliation

As we already know, the cells of the epidermis regenerate and die routinely: body exfoliation helps making this process faster and more effective, it also stimulates cell regeneration which helps us to improve the elasticity and smoothness of our skin.

By removing these dead cells through exfoliation, any moisturizer component found in creams or body oilsis better absorbed by the skin.

Types of body scrubs

Although there are many types of body scrubs, it is always important to observe our skin and see what it needs.

There are natural exfoliants based on apricot kernels or sugar that provide a more intense exfoliation, but we recommend the use of a scrub or exfoliating gel that provide a smoother exfoliation.

These exfoliating gels are more comfortable to apply because their soft and soapy texture is perfectwhen you massage with circular movements.

When should you exfoliate your skin?

There is no ideal moment to exfoliate your skin:you will need to dedicate it a few minutes, therefore choose a day when you have a little more time than usual to dedicate to your daily hygiene. Remember that in addition to exfoliation, it is important to moisturize your skin afterwards.

Applying the exfoliant gel with a massage is not only a suggestion, the importance of applying it with a massage is the key for an effective exfoliation.

When you massage, you stimulate the circulation and promote drainage.

To massage correctly, it is important to apply circular movements, upwards in the arms and legs, and circular in the abdomen and buttocks.

Before starting an exfoliation ritual, it is important to consult your dermatologist to find out which exfoliation is the most suitable for your skin type.

Sensitive skin must take greater care during the exfoliation or regarding the type of exfoliant we use since it must be carried out with greater care.

Dry skin tends to require more exfoliation to remove dead cells and to get smoother skin, of course we always need to moisturize it afterwards.

The elbows, knees and heels are areas that always tend to dry more than the rest of the body, so a greater emphasis on exfoliation is recommended.

With these tips you are ready to start your exfoliation routine, atVismaressencewe always recommend consulting a specialist before starting any treatment.

In our cosmetic section you will find body gels, exfoliating gels and moisturizers ideal for creating a daily hygiene routine, in addition to aromatherapy with its fantastic scents.

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