At Vismaressence we have a wide range of home air fresheners available forĀ  our customers. As perfume manufacturers we use the best essences to make the best home air fresheners, looking for the best quality in the market and fragrances with a long lasting effect.

The best known air fresheners are reed diffusers and essential oil diffusers, both have been very trendy during this last year in the sector of air fresheners, and will absolutely become the best selling products during the 2020.

However, in this article we are not going to focus on the type of air fresheners, but on the fragrances.

Each air freshener has a different way of spreading the scent, some people are more interested in the fragrance and this is why we have prepared a list with our best home air fresheners fragrances.


Perfume inspired air fresheners

This selection of air fresheners is inspired by a selection of our perfumes. What does this mean?

These air fresheners have similar fragrances to those of any perfume for men or women, unlike the classic air fresheners with the typical fragrance, these air fresheners are exclusive creations for people who want their home to have a different and unique smell.

To get to know them a little better, we have selected two of the best-selling olfactory families in perfumery that can help you find the air freshener that suits your tastes.

  • Floral woody olfactory family

Perfumes that belong to the floral woody olfactory family stand out for being warm perfumes, normally associated with male perfumes.

Floral woody fragrances stand out for combining wood notes that give the perfume a warm base and floral tones which add a soft and pleasant contrast.

Vismaressence 225

Vismaressence 049

Vismaressence 212

  • Floral Olfactory Family

Fragrances that belong to the floral olfactory family are mostly associated with feminine perfumes.

These fragrances evoke romanticism and naturalness, including flowers, mainly jasmine, orange blossom and peony.

Vismaressence 134

Vismaressence 153

These air fresheners are only available in spray air freshener format.

Floral air fresheners

If you like the intense fragrance of combined flowers, or if you prefer the single scent of a particular flower, we have a selection of fragrances in different formats.

Our best selling floral air fresheners are the ones that smell like flowers such as jasmine and orange blossom.

If you prefer other types of flowers or combined flower fragrances you can find

Air fresheners inspired by relaxation rituals

These air fresheners are only available in reed diffuser format. If you combine these air fresheners with scented candles you can create an atmosphere of well-being in your home that will favor relaxation.

Thermal reed diffuser + lavender scented candle

Harmony reed diffuser + cinnamon scented candle

These combinations may vary depending on the scents you are looking for, you can create a unique fragrance just for your home.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, you can visit the following blog to learn more about perfumes and air fresheners.

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