As perfume manufacturers we have a wide range of home air fresheners, reed diffusers, essential oil diffusers, and also catalytic lamps. If you still don’t know what a catalytic lamp is, it is the moment to discover the benefits of using fragrance lamps and how this air freshener takes care of your health.


What is a catalytic lamp?

When we hear the word “catalytic lamp” we think of an extravagant luminous object, but it is a home air freshener that was created in the twentieth century.

This type of lamp was designed to purify the air in hospitals in the early twentieth century.

Pharmacy assistant Maurice Berger, created this new way to purify the air in hospitals, and after his success, he created his own brand of catalytic lamps known as Berger lamps that had a great reception from the public.

Catalytic lamps are home air fresheners that, in addition to spreading a fantastic fragrance, purify the atmosphere by eliminating dust mites, mold, bacteria, etc.

The way in which these lamps spread the fragrance manages to break the molecules of bad smells, such as dust or tobacco smoke, turning them into pure oxygen in addition to spreading a great fragrance throughout the room.


Purify your home

These types of air fresheners are recommended for homes located in large cities where there is a lot of pollution, as it can help us fighting and cleaning the atmosphere indoors.

These catalytic lamps manage to transform polluted and toxic air into a clean and much healthier air, hence the reason for their usefulness in hospitals when they were created.


How does a catalytic lamp work?

These lamps include a glass bottle where we introduce the air freshener, a rope, a stone and a bezel.

How a catalytic lamp works in few steps:

1- The first step before using your catalytic lamp is to open it and take out the wick that is inside.

2- Once the bottle is opened proceed to introduce the essence into the bottle. It is important that the essence you use is special for catalytic lamps, if you don’t use the right product you risk damaging it.

3- Once that the essence is inside the lamp, reinsert the wick inside, closing it and let the wick and the stone soak for approximately 30 minutes, it is important to soak these two elements with the essence in order to make it work correctly.

4- With a lighter we light the stone that is outside the bottle jar and we let it burn for about 2 minutes.

5- Once these two minutes have passed, we turn it off and cover it.

* If we want to use another essential oil, it is important to buy a cleansing essence that serves to eliminate the rest of the previous fragrance.


An original gift

If you like to take care of every detail at home, and to create the perfect atmosphere with purified air: a catalytic lamp can be the perfect air freshener for you.

These lamps manage to eliminate 80% of bacteria from the air and 89% of dust mites in about 3 hours, you will begin to notice that the atmosphere at home changes shortly after starting to use it.

On our website you will find different types of catalytic lamps, in addition to the special essences for them.

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