Jasmine is a climbing plant with white flowers that have an unmistakable scent. This medicinal plant is used in many cultures in aromatherapy treatments or as an infusion therapy to prevent certain ailments, it has also become a trend in the last year thanks to many popular perfumery brands that use it as a main ingredient. Many perfume manufacturers are using jasmine essence to make their new creations for the next season.

Jasmine as a medicinal plant

Aromatherapy is increasingly widespread and shows that the use of different scents at certain specific times, can cause different effects on the body. Jasmine is used in aromatherapy sessions since its fragrance helps us calm and relax.

Jasmine teas have great health benefits, helping us fight insomnia and promoting relaxation. It is also excellent for the digestive system, so taking a tea of jasmine after each meal can improve our digestion.

Jasmine benefits and properties

Jasmine is believed to improve health and boost metabolism; it has many benefits for our health that can improve our lifestyle.

  • Pain relieving. Jasmine has soothing properties which makes it perfect to deal with anxiety, hyperactivity or stress.
  • Relaxing. Like other medicinal plants, such as lavender, jasmine has great relaxing properties, thanks to its components that increase the production of melatonin in our bodies, which is the hormone that promotes sleep.
  • Antiseptic. It helps us clean our skin naturally, favoring the disinfection of superficial wounds. Natural soaps that have jasmine among their ingredients help usto take care of our skin, in addition to promoting deep relaxation.
  • Diuretic. Jasmine infusions help us eliminate fluid.

Uses of jasmine

Jasmine is a plant that we can use in many ways, which is why we can find it in different forms.

  1. Infusion. Taking a jasmine infusion at night can help us sleep better, in addition to all its relaxing properties that promote our rest.
  2. Air fresheners. Jasmine air fresheners and essential oils are perfect for aromatherapy sessions favoring relaxation and helping us to deal with stress.
  3. Body soaps. Natural jasmine soaps have great beneficial skin care properties, especially soothing and healing properties: including a jasmine soap in your daily hygiene routine will be very beneficial for your skin.
  4. Perfumes. If you are a lover of the jasmine blossom scent, in this article we recommend the best jasmine perfumes on our website. Discover them!

Jasmine has great beneficial properties for our body, but before starting any type of jasmine treatment, it is important to visit your doctor or dermatologist.

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