Many people use cars as a means of transport to travel daily, and some unpleasant smells may accumulate inside it, luckily there are car air fresheners that help us eliminate these unpleasant smells. At Vismaressence, perfume manufacturers, we want to offer you someImportant factors to keep in mind when buying a car air freshener, the following list will make your choice even easier.

Car air fresheners are like home air fresheners or the rest of perfumes, each person has a personal choice, so there are many types of car air freshener fragrances.


Before starting

Before buying a car air freshener we must ask ourselves a question, what unpleasant smell is bothering me inside my car?

Depending on our routine and our life style we can prefer one type of air freshener or another.

For example, if you spend little time inside the car and you are a non-smoking person you can obtain neutral and mild fragrances to keep inside your car that “new car smell” which is delicate and soft.

If your car is for a big family and you have children, it is more advisable to use a more intense scent.

Children usually eat in the car and some rests of food or drink can fall on the floor and seats causing bad smells, even if we clean the car the smell can stay there for some time.

If you have pets or if you smoke, an intense fragrance may be perfect for you. The smell of tobacco usually stays in the car and it is very easy to recognize its smell, so using an air freshener with a strong intensity can be a great ally for you.


Our best car air fresheners

Soft, neutral fragrances:

These fresheners will give your car a soft and light, or fresh fragrance, a pleasant and delicate scent that will make your driving more pleasant.

Moderate intensity

To choose an intense moderate fragrance we recommend you to visit our website, in our special selection we have chosen citrus, floral and sweet fragrances, but on our website you will find more scents for you to choose the one that best suits your style.

The most intense

Sweet and intense, these are some of our best selling car air fresheners.

On our website you can find everything from packed car fresheners ready to use, to bulk air fresheners and bottles for car air fresheners that you can fill yourself with any of our perfumes.

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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