The skin on our face is one of the most delicate parts of our body, it is constantly exposedtoaggressive external agents that can damage iton a daily basis. Taking care of the skin of your face and keeping it clean is one of the main priorities to keep it strong against these external agents. The skin of our face needs special care and treatment to keep it strong and healthy.

Main skin types

From around the age of 25 the skin of our face begins to lose elasticity, so the first signs of aging begin to appear.It is important to start, if we have not already done so, with a skin care routine to keep it hydrated, healthy and bright.

  1. If your skin is oily

This type of skin is characterized by having more large-pored facial areas and it is more prone to sebum secretion, which causes the appearance of shiny chin and forehead, and an increase in blackheads and pimples.

How can I clean it?

Oily skin is recommended to be cleaned twice a day, just before going to sleep and in the morning when we get up.

Cleaning it before bed and applying an appropriate moisturizing cream will help us to regenerate our skin at night time, then in the morning it is recommended to wash our face again with soap, thus removing the cream left from the previous night, that will add luminosity to our skin.

What type of cream do I use?

Try to use “oil free” creams, this means that they are fat-free, since the extra supply of essential oils can cause more fat to appear. Creams with vitamins E and C can provide vitality and luminosity, in addition to having antioxidant power.

  1. If your skin is sensitive

Sensitive skins are usually characterized by being white, thin, fragile-looking and they react easily to external agents becoming red or irritated. Some of the main problems of sensitive skin is that people suffer from dehydration problems due to water deficiency in the body.

How do I clean it?

Micellar water can be a great help in removing makeup, but it is always recommended to wash it afterwards. Soaps enriched with aloe vera or rose hip can help us treat this type of skin, promoting its regeneration and increasing its hydration.

What type of cream do I use?

To take care of this type of skin, it is recommended to use water-based moisturizers that deeply hydrate the skin, serums or hyaluronic acid can be of great help due to its high water concentration.

  1. If your skin is normal

Normal skin can use any type of soap or facial cleanser, always following the age and hydration recommendations. Although your skin type is normal, it is important to use a type of cleanser that doesn’t damage it causing some type of reaction.

How do I clean it?

In the morning and at night, with a soap that helps us to remove impurities and adds luminosity and vitality to our skin, afterwards you should always use a facial cream to keep it smooth and hydrated.

What cream do I use?

Moisturizers with antioxidants work well for normal skin, also serums enriched with vitamins C and E.

Take care your skin

Taking care of your skin from an early age can help you stay healthy and strong for a longer time, dealing with cutaneous aging and protecting it against external agents that may cause some type of damage.

Before starting any treatment, it is recommended to visit your dermatologist who will recommend which is the best treatment for your skin type.

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