If you want to boostyour business in a new way, or, to include a special section in your store and offer a personalized product to your customers in order to increase your sales, perfumery can be a great option. At Vismaressence, perfume manufacturers, we want to help you create your own line of perfume and air fresheners.

We have everything you need to open your ownbulk perfume store, from the most classic perfume bottles to the funniest ones, and, of course, our fantastic bulk perfumes and our home air fresheners.

Perfumery: a great option

The perfume sector hasn’t stopped growing in recent years, leading to the emergence of many brands of white label perfumes.

Perfumes, just like clothes, are accessories that we use daily.

At Vismaressence we can help you create your own line of personalized perfumes with your brand:you will offer your customers a finished and fully customized product with your brand identity.


Your own perfume brand

On our website we have at your disposal a wide variety of perfume bottles so you can choose the one you like, in addition all our bottles include the spray, you can choose the color you want.

Once you have chosen the perfume bottle and the cap, you have the option of screen printing your product with your own logo (printed or engraved) * on the glass.

These are the details that make you stand out from your competition.

On our website, we also have cases for perfume bottles if you want to offer a finished product. You can also customize these cases by printing the boxes in the color you want and including your logo.

* Budget for large quantities

What can we offer you?

  1. Personalized advice

We have been dedicating all our efforts to the perfume industry for years and we have a great experience within the sector.

We offer you help to create your own line of perfumes based on your business volume; we also give advice on the different market options to differentiate your business.

  1. Customized products

We have at your disposal a wide variety of glass perfume bottles, and sprays so you can choose your fully customized product.

The goal you can achieve by personalizingyour perfume bottles is to obtain a personalized product that fits your brand and attracts customer’s attention.

  1. Our perfumes

We have a great team of perfumers who put all their effort into preparing the best fragrances inspired by the latest olfactory trends in the market, in addition to offering you the possibility of creating your own perfume with our personalized help.

  1. Advice throughout the process

We know that when somebody decides to launch a new business, advice is essential for any questions that may arise, so from Vismaressence we offer advice throughout the process of creating your own brand, or the inclusion of bulk perfumes in your store, in addition to any help you may need when selling your perfumes.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address info@vismaressence.com

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