If you are looking for new business venture to get involved in, opening a perfume store might be the right idea.In this article we tell you some tips to open your perfume store with all the bulk products that we provide. As perfume manufacturer we offer you all the necessary products toset up your own perfume store.


Why should I choose Vismaressence?

AtVismaressence we have years of experience in the online perfume industry and many clients throughout Europe,mainly in France and Germany.

As perfume manufacturers we offer our customers high quality perfumes. Our perfumers put all their effort into making unique essences with the best ingredients.

The use of quality ingredients in our perfumes makes the difference with other white brand perfumes:when our clients wear our fragrancesthey all get surprised with their long lasting effect on the skin.


Our products

In addition to offering high quality perfumes, we also offer the option of buying perfume bottles.

These perfume bottles include the spray (you can choose the color among a wide range available on our website).

We give you the possibility of personalizing the final product that you offer to your customers. You can create the ideal set.

We have a wide range of perfume bottles, with simple designs, with classic lines, or the most extravagant vintage-style bottles perfect for any dressing tables.

Visit our website to see all our available perfume bottles, you have the possibility to buy them by units or boxes, depending on what you are looking for and the volume of white label perfumes that you want to have in your store.


Home air fresheners

In addition to perfumes, we manufacture home air fresheners with a wide range of fragrances, from the all-timefavorite fragrances such as red fruit essences and vanilla perfume, to the most sophisticated ones inspired by relaxation rituals.

Just as our perfumes, you can choose among many bottles forair fresheners.

If you choose a reed diffuser and you want to buy a specific bottle, all our reed diffuser bottlesinclude the lid and the rods, whether you buy individual units or boxes.

They also have a sealing cap included to fill your air freshener with the fragrance and to close it, preventing leaks before you use it.


Custom perfume

At Vismaressence we offer our clients the possibility of screen printing the bottles,you can include the logo of your brand on each bottle.

If you are interested in screen printing the bottles write to info@vismaressence.com and we will answer your questions about screen printing.

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