The skin of our body has the power to reflect what is happening inside our body: in addition to using cosmetic products to achieve a radiant appearance, it is important to take care of it to keep it strongand healthy.

Our skin

In our face or in the rest of the body, the skin is the organ of our body that is most exposed to the outside, acting as a protectiveshield.

Our skin has the ability to regenerate itself periodically to stay strong and healthy, adapting to changes that come from the outside, excess cold and excess heat can damage it by drying it out or dehydrating it, that’s why constant changes in temperature can affect our skin in a negative way.

In many occasions we neglect our skin due to lack of time or ignorance of these possible damages, but the external agents to which it is exposed every day end up damaging it.Although we have already mentioned heat and cold, contamination is another factor that affects our skin on a daily basis, which requires a good facial cleansing every night to remove traces of pollution.

To protect your skin and to always keep it strong and healthy, in addition to dealing with the passing of time and premature aging, we recommend some steps to follow in your daily beauty routine to achieve radiant skin.

How to get glowing skin

  • Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. It is important to help our skin eliminate accumulated dead skin cells. You can exfoliate your skin with a special exfoliating shower glove or with an scrub gel.
  • Hydration. After the shower it is highly recommended to use a moisturizer. After the shower, the pores open and the cream penetrates deeper into our skin, providinga greater hydration power.
  • Clean your face every night. With a facial cleanser that adjusts to your skin type and warm water to remove all traces of dirt or contamination that have accumulated throughout the day.
  • Protection from the sun. Our skin suffers from the sun’s rays whatever time of the year, so using a sunscreen is recommended throughout all the year, this will help us prevent premature skin aging and the appearance of spots.
  • More hydration. One of the keys to keep our skin healthy is hydration, it is important to hydrate it from the inside-out, drink plenty of water during the day, it will promote hydration from the inside.
  • Aloe vera. Using the pulp, or a high concentration aloe vera gel, can help us prevent the appearance of wrinkles by applying it 2 or 3 times a week before sleeping, a little on the expression lines, for example, on the eye contour or around our mouth.
  • Take off your makeup. If you wear makeup every day; it is important to remove it at night toavoid clogged pores,which will not let your skin breathe.
  • Sleep. The skin regenerates during the night, so sleeping the necessary number of hours will make your skin regain firmness and elasticity.
  • Quality makeup. If you wear makeup every day, it is important to use quality makeup. Organic cosmetic makeup can be a great ally for our skin.

These are just some of the tips that we recommend for skin care, always consult a professional before starting any treatment.

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