We all like our home to smell good, which is why we are increasingly using home air fresheners that bring a pleasant fragrance into our home. As perfume manufacturers, we put all our effort into designing air fresheners with fragrances that adapt to any type of house. We want you to be updated with the latest news and we want to tell you which home air fresheners will be trendy this year.


What are home air fresheners used for?

Although most people think that home air fresheners are designed only to banish bad smells, they have more functions.

Home air fresheners have gained great importance lately; many people have decided to introduce these fragrances in their homes simply to obtain a feeling of wellness or a characteristic smell at home.

There are different types of air fresheners in the market, however, in this article we are going to tell you which are the air fresheners that will be more important during this next year.


Types of air fresheners

When we choose a air freshener we find different options, reed diffusers, spray air freshener, essential oil diffusers, aromatic candles…

All of them have their qualities, but we will delve deeper into the main characteristics of each of them to facilitate the choice and finally know how to recognize the one that best suits your needs and tastes.


Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers have been one of the best selling options during this last year, and are expected to become the favorite air freshener of 2020.

They release the fragrance in a natural, subtle and pleasant way, they are also perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the steam and the combinations of colored lights that some models have.

Essential oil diffusers work with water and a few drops of aromatic essences (or essential oils), in this way they manage to release the fragrance throughout the whole room, they are also super silent air fresheners and longlasting.


Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers air fresheners are the best selling home air fresheners on the market.

These air fresheners release the fragrance through evaporation, you just need to introduce the rods inside the bottle with the air freshener and turn the rods around every time we want more fragrance intensity, their duration is approximately (depending on the bottle size) one month.


Scented candles

Aromatic candles are the most romantic air freshener, because in addition to releasing a wonderful fragrance, they manage to bring that romantic touch to any place.

Although the scent of candles is usually less intense than any other air freshener, combined with other types of home air fresheners, for example reed diffusers, they can create a pleasant atmosphere with a fully personalized fragrance.

At Vismaressence we have all these air fresheners available on our website, in addition to more types in case you’re not convinced yet.

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