With the arrival of spring and good weather, we all want to change our perfume and to leave behind those sweet and intense winter fragrances. We need and fresher floral fragrances that match this joyful season of the year. At Vismaressence we are perfumes manufacturer, but in addition to offering you high quality bulk perfumes, we have a wide variety of bottles for spring available to brighten up your day. Get ready for spring with Vismaressence.

Perfect perfumes for spring

Say goodbye to the cold and long winter, which gives way to spring, a season full of light, color and joy. The trees begin to bloom, we begin to wear light clothes and we feel the heat of the sun on our skin in a pleasant way.

We want to wear new accessories that matchthe new style of our spring clothes, and a delightful weather.

We have prepared a list with some of our greatest spring perfumes for women and men, if you need to know more about our perfumes, do not hesitate to visit the following link.

For her:

  • Vismaressence 076. Fresh, shocking and very seductive. A perfume of the woody floral musk olfactory family for women.

Vismaressence 076 is a great perfume for both formal and informal events, it is long-lasting on the skin.

  • Vismaressence 1003. A perfume that will give you a feeling of serenity and a Zen spirit during all the day.

The woody oriental family is the perfect perfume for a daily use, it has a moderate sillage and lasting effect, so it is not a heavy perfume.

For him:

  • Vismaressence 231 a fresh perfume with sweet tones of the floral woody musk olfactory family for men.

Perfect to wear throughout the day, in formal or informal events.

  • Vismaressence 023. One of our best-selling classics. This perfume of the spicy woody olfactory family for men is one of our timeless classics, the perfect perfume for every moment, anywhere.

The perfect perfume bottles for spring

We recommend our refillable bottles for bulk perfumes.

In addition to all our classic perfume bottles, we have a range of perfume bottles full of color and flowers, known on our website as “retro bottles”.

These bottles have a smaller size and capacity than our classic bottles, but they are perfect to make a gift or to carry on any time, we have several models.

– Sprayable

Perfumes manufacturer

– Retro pump

Perfumes manufaturer


We also recommend our retro car perfume bottles, if you like our retro perfume bottles, they are also available for cars!

Fill your vehicle with spring joy with our most colorful bottles for car fresheners, don’t forget to fill them with our bulk car freshener fragrances.

We hope this article has helped you to know how to fill your day to day with color and with the highest quality perfumes.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning our products.