Body mist is a body lotion with a light fragrance, a great ally during the hot months because once we spray it on our skin, in addition to its smooth fragrance, it has a refreshing effect. More and more people are deciding to incorporate a body mist into their daily livesbecause it is perfect to wear after the gym or before going to sleep.

But what exactly is a body mist?

Body mist is also known as body spray or fragrance mist.It is similar to an eau de toilette that you can apply directly on your body, leaving a fresh and pleasant sensation.

It can be used over the entire body because the concentration of alcohol is lower; as a result we obtain afragrance with a shorter lasting-effect than a perfume, although this usually depends a lot on the type of skin on which it is applied, since some skin typeshold the fragrance better.

Body mist is somewhat similar to body tonic, one of its main functions is to hydrate and refresh our body, which is why it is considered a fantastic accessory during the hot months.

Recommendations for the correct use of body mist

Before using body mist, it is important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, since the composition of body mists is not always the same.

The normal recommendation is to spray it on the skin at a 5 centimeters distance, except for the face and hair. Although the amount of alcohol is little, it still has some alcohol.

Once applied on the skin you can gently spread it with your hands or let it dry by itself.

We recommendusing it on dry skin: the fragrance will last longer.


Tips to get the most out of your body mist

Although the most common technique is to spray it on the body, here are some brief tips to get the most out of it.

  1. Use it after the shower. Once you come out of the shower and apply your usual body moisturizer, spray the body mist on your body, it will be the perfect complement along with your body cream.
  2. To sleep. You can use the body mist when you go to sleep or even spray your sheets, it will leave an ideal fragrance in your room.
  3. As an air freshener. Many people choose to use their body mist, in addition to a body care product, as a home air freshener by spraying it in the same way as an air freshener spray.
  4. Combined with your usual perfume. Use body mist as a complement to your usual perfume, spraying it on your body and then using your perfume as you usually do.
  5. As perfume. Body mist is perfect for those people who prefer light scents rather than intense fragrances, since body mistsare usually made with lighter and fresher ingredients than perfumes.


Our body mists

As perfume manufacturers we have an ideal line of body mists, you can find yours according to your tastes

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