As perfume manufacturers we offer high quality bulk perfumes for our customers, we also know the importance of keeping the perfume in perfect and optimal conditions, for this reason, in addition to perfumes, we have a complete range of bottles for perfume.

These perfume bottles are ideal for keeping our bulk perfumes in perfect conditions.

In recent years, bulk perfumes have become the latest trend in the perfume industry, so if you have a store or if you work in the trade sector, at Vismaressence we offer you the possibility of creating your own line of perfumes for your store.

Wholesale fragrances

We have years of experience in the bulk perfume sector. Our perfumes are made with high quality essences and have a long lasting effect on the skin.

Discover on our website the great variety of bulk perfumes we have available, you can find from the most classic perfumes, to the latest trends regarding olfactory notes.


Types of perfume bottle

The perfume bottle is extremely important, depending on its quality the bottle will keep the perfume in better conditions and will make it last longer.

On our website you will find a wide range of bottles available in different sizes.

Our perfume bottles

  1. Classics These refillable perfume bottles are made of transparent glass with classic design lines and are available in various sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml for each of the different models.

Our best-selling bottle models are KLEE and NEK, their simple and square design is perfect for customizing bottles, since you can comfortably place your brand sticker.

Perfumes manufacturer

  1. Vintage. If you prefer a vintage design because you are looking for a “chic” style to make the difference within the market, our bottles with a ball or lamp design are ideal, you can choose the bottle and the color of the pump that you prefer by adding a comment when you pass the order.

Perfumes manufacturer


3. Colorful and cheerful. Spring is coming and it is full of color and joy, if you want to choose your bottles depending on the season of the year our retro bottles are perfect to give a touch of color to your store.

It has a smaller capacity than the classic perfume bottles but they look great and they are perfect for making gifts.

Perfumes manufacturer


  1. Samples. On our website, in addition to bottles for large quantities of perfume, you will find sample bottles. In addition to offering your customers a perfume you can give them a sample with a different one for their next purchase.

Perfumes manufacturer

We remind you that all our bottles include the spray, you just need to choose the color you like most adding a comment when you pass the order.

If you like perfumes and cosmetics we recommend this perfume blog, where you will find the latest perfumes and the latest trends in cosmetics.

For any questions please contact us.

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