You get to the office on Monday and… surprise, surprise! It stinks in there. This situation is very uncomfortable, since foul odors at the office can affect your concentration and how you get along with your coworkers, and it can make your time at work unbearable. We spend 90% of our time indoors, so it’s extremely important to make our work and living environments as healthy as possible. One of the options you can try is to use an air freshener for bad smells in the office. But besides that, we’ve also got four other options that could work too.

1- Ventilate often

This is one of the most important points and one that sometimes gets overlooked. In an office, there are usually a lot of people, with their constant breathing, their body odor, and their good and bad habits. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to ventilate the air inside the office every day so that the atmosphere doesn’t get too heavy. The windows should be opened at least once a day for 10 minutes to allow the air to freshen up.

2- Air freshener for bad smells in the office

Another option to do away with this problem is to destroy those smells. You can do this using an air freshener for bad smells in the office for example, with a fragrance lamp, which doesn’t just mask the odor but actually eliminates it and makes the air healthier, leaving behind a pleasant aroma of your choosing. Similarly, you can use other types of air fresheners for bad smells in the office, such as aroma diffusers or reed diffusers. These will also provide the entire room with a long-lasting, intense and very pleasant scent.


3- Use plants

Plants are very beneficial in this case. Not only do they add beauty, they also give off pleasant scents which spread throughout the room. You could opt for sprigs of eucalyptus, which last a long time and will definitely help to get rid of those foul odors.


4- Clean the microwave and refrigerator

Sometimes, bad smells could be coming from the appliances at the office. Frequently check that there is no spoiled food in the refrigerator or bits of food in the microwave. Also, make sure that you clean them often. To clean the microwave, put some lemon juice in a mug and heat it for three minutes. This will clean and disinfect the appliance.


5- Empty the waste bins

It’s also very important not to accumulate garbage in the waste bins, especially if there is any food waste in there. Take the time at the end of each day to see that all the waste bins are empty. If you don’t have anyone in charge of emptying the bins, take turns among yourselves so that the same person doesn’t always have to do it. Also, a trick to keep waste bins from smelling bad is to place a paper towel soaked in fabric softener at the bottom.


If you follow these tips, you’ll see how the smell in the office gets better as those foul odors gradually disappear. Your time at work will be much more agreeable with a nice scent, plus you’ll feel more relaxed and be in a better mood. It’s a win-win.

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